Top Los Angeles Auto Accident Lawyers Mourn the Passing of One of LAPD’s Motor Cycle Officer’s After Being Hit by a DUI Driver

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 17, 2014

Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, Della Shaker, Esq., is distressed by the wrongful death of one of LAPD’s finest motorcycle officers who was struck by a suspected DUI driver while stopped at a traffic light in Sun Valley around 5:30 p.m., Saturday, April 5, 2014.

On Saturday, April 5, 2014, Amy Powell of Los Angeles News, KABC-TV Los Angeles, CA, reported that a Los Angeles police motorcycle officer was listed in critical condition after being pinned between two vehicles in the Sun Valley area Saturday afternoon. The report went on to state that Investigators say the officer was stopped at a traffic light when he was struck from behind by a red SUV travelling at a high rate of speed. The officer was pinned in between two vehicles. (Sun Valley crash leaves LAPD cop critically injured)

However, days after the accident and after being rushed to Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills, Officer Chris Cortijo’s condition, the victim in the auto vs. motorcycle accident, apparently turned for the worse.

On Wednesday, April 9, 2014, Carollyn Nguyen of Los Angeles News, KABC-TV Los Angeles, CA, reported that “The LAPD motorcycle officer who was struck by a suspected DUI driver in Sun Valley over the weekend has died.” It was also mentioned in the report that Officer Cortijo was a 26-year LAPD veteran who worked at the department’s Valley Traffic Division. Police Chief Charlie Beck said Officer Cortijo arrested more than 3,000 DUI suspects over the course of his career. (LAPD Sun Valley crash: Motorcycle officer dies of his injuries)

Dedicated Los Angeles auto accident lawyer Della Shaker, Esq., is saddened by the loss of an innocent life, especially an officer of the law who dedicated his life to protecting the public from DUI drivers. In a very ironic fashion, adds Atty. Shaker, Officer Cortijo suffered wrongful death in the hands of a suspected DUI driver, the evil that he diligently fought against in order to protect all of us.

“Auto accidents, especially Drunk Driving accidents are very devastating and life changing not only to the victims but their families as well. In the case of Officer Cortijo, the family members have the right to seek compensation for all their damages, from property damage, actual medical costs, loss of life’s earnings, funeral expenses, loss of consortium, loss of love and support, pain and suffering and other non-monetary losses, among others. However, regardless of the heirs’ claims, it obviously cannot replace the value of a loved one,” opines Ms. Shaker.

Ms. Shaker adds, “This is why, in LA Injury Advocates, we make it our professional commitment, to diligently pursue and put to justice, negligent parties and other third parties, including DUI drivers who cause all kinds of traffic accidents, in order to make sure that they pay a high price for their recklessness and to serve as deterrent to other automobile drivers and motorists to always be careful in operating their vehicles, because lives of innocent people are always at stake.”

LA Injury Advocates’ skilled Los Angeles, California personal injury lawyers have been representing victims of personal injury accidents even in cases of fatal auto accidents, bike and bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents and train accidents for more than two decades now. As of date, the well respected auto accident attorneys of LA Injury Advocates have already obtained hundreds of millions in awards for all their auto accident client victims on account of their committed legal representation in obtaining the best personal injury claims their clients deserve.

About LA Injury Advocates, P.C.

LA Injury Advocates, is a Los Angeles, California based personal injury law firm headed by Della Shaker, Esq., specializing in all personal injury related accidents such as car accident, truck and bus accident, motorcycle accident, bike accident, drunk driving accident, proposition 213 claims, uninsured and under insured motorist claims, slip and fall, pedestrian injury, construction injury accidents, premise liability, dog bite attacks, brain injury, spine injury, burn injury, pool drowning accident, product liability, wrongful death claim, medical malpractice and even animal attacks, boating accident and aviation accident claims.

LA Injury Advocates’ highly skilled auto accident attorneys in California offer top notch legal representation against negligent parties, big insurance companies and large defense law firms. With decades of experience in pursuing personal injury cases and vast resources in investigating all kinds of negligence accidents, the law firm has established its mark among the top personal injury law firms in California.

LA Injury Advocates’ top personal injury lawyers are located in 201 S. Bundy Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90025. To learn more about the firm, you can call them at (310) 921-7055 for your free case evaluation or if you prefer you can email them or take advantage of their free on-line case submission.

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Car Insurance for Teenaged Drivers Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

If you are youthful, perhaps one of the most exciting things to look forward to is the evening you get your driving licence. Their minds are thinking about the areas they will go and friends they will see, but as a parent, your head is likely thinking about the risks and disbursement of having a teenaged driver.

Unfortunately, adolescents are mathematically the most likely age-group to get involved with a collision. This is only because they have less expertise on the road, less impulse control, more of a feeling that it “can’t occur to them’, more distractions, and they sometimes do not make the best decisions. Due to this, insurers charge teenaged motorists the most when it comes to vehicle insurance. So they need to bill risky drivers more for insurance to cover the higher likelihood that they’ll be paying claims.

Reduction Vehicle Insurance for Adolescents

Although car insurance for teenagers is pricey and your youthful child getting the wheel could be anxiety provoking, the good thing is it gets better over time. In the meantime, doing everything you can to lower their insurance premium will save you and your teen cash each month and make their summer job dollars stretch further. Advice from

Though a teen-aged driver will surely add an additional cost to your own monthly budget, and their insurance will likely constantly be higher than an grownups, there are still some steps you can take to create down these prices. So undergo this list provided as a cortesy from our associate

- Discounts – there are a variety of reductions available for teen aged drivers including good pupil, low mileage, driver’s training course discount, being away at college without a auto, multi-auto, and multiple-policy discounts amongst the others.

- Variety of auto – purchasing a sensible, reliable, safe automobile for your teenager will help you save money. When you can, update the car with the latest safety and security attributes.

- comparison-shop – store online and also locate as numerous car quotes as you can. This gives you the greatest chance at finding a good deal and maximizing your price reductions.

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Comparison Shopping is the Best Way to get Cheap Car Insurance

Driving around town, seeing Television, playing radio stations, flipping through magazines, checking your email – if you do any of these things you will probably notice several advertisements for auto insurance. Some of those adverts will claim that you can get ridiculously inexpensive car insurance, and they make it seems really appealing. Yet, motor vehicle insurance is much more than just a bill that is due every month. Luckily with a little work you can find inexpensive car insurance on a comparison site like that will keep you safe on the road.

When you go into an accident, or your vehicle is broken in other modes, it is possible to have to deal with hundreds of dollars in fixes and doctor’s bills. Many individuals do not have this type of cash laying about, and this is why insurance is important. There are several different kinds of automobile insurance coverage, and normally you will be able to choose an amount for each variety. For example, one type of automobile insurance coverage is liability insurance. When you select liability insurance, you’ll be competent to choose an amount such as $25,000, $50,000 or more. This means that if you are in a scenario covered by liability insurance, the insurance company will pay up to ,000 (or ,000) worth of harms.

Finding Affordable Car Insurance

The simplest solution to comparison-shop is on-line. Here-you have access to 100s of car insurance firms. You just have to go to their websites and input your information. You will be given a free, no obligation quote that you can use to compare that car insurance firm against others. The only thing to always remember is to compare coverage first, and then cost, using a free quotes platform e.g. You may find a policy for a month and one for 0, but the policy doesn’t really cover much at all, meaning the 0 coverage is the finest bargain.

Unfortunately, more car insurance policy means a higher-priced premium. There are many things you can do – such as choosing just the mandatory coverage, picking a higher deductible, and avoiding extra advantages – to lower your prices. Nonetheless, comparison-shopping is the greatest method to conserve cash each month, for many reasons:

- Gives you a good notion as to what a large, low, and typical premium will be.

- The more quotes you find the more firms you’re uncovered to.

- This signifies you’ve got more opportunities to obtain the best price.

- You may notice which insurance agencies offer the most discounts, and also the many that you’re qualified for.

When you have concerns over which sort of insurance you must select, don’t hesitate to telephone an broker straight.

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Affordable Term Life Insurance – 3 Essential Tips For Comparing Plans

(PRWEB) April 05, 2014 has released a new blog post presenting 3 essential tips for comparing term life insurance plans.

Term life insurance guarantees a high level of financial security essential for the well being of every family. By purchasing a plan, a client is able to provide a secure financial safety net for his or her loved ones. In case of a tragedy, surviving family members will rely on term life insurance to cover their basic needs.

It is clear right from the start that term life insurance is an important product, one that has to be bought after careful examination and consideration. Clients should take the time to learn more about life insurance, about its advantages and what it implies. They will also have to compare quotes.

Clients can now compare term life insurance quotes online. They can get advice and support as well as tips through an online insurance brokerage website. These websites gather some of the best plans on a single web page. The client is then able to review and select a plan that fits his or her needs. is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. It is unique in that this website does not simply stick to one kind of insurance carrier, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. This way, clients have offers from multiple carriers all in one place, this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc. is owned by Internet Marketing Company.

For more information, please visit

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Top 5 auto insurance myths

Automobile insurance is a reason for a lot of myths and misconceptions among clients. Learn the facts behind the five most frequent car insurance misconceptions and also why it’s truly thus.

Car insurance policy may be a fairly tricky issue for folks who do not appear heavy in the functions of the industry. Yet, seasoned automobile owners may also discover auto insurance intricate and challenging to know. That is why there are various urban myths surrounding this division of the insurance industry several folks tend to consider. However, as with everything myths about car insurance might lead to extra costs as well as the insurance agencies working your ignorance. Surely, we-don’t desire it to take place. Therefore here are five of the very most familiar auto insurance urban myths you should not believe:

The car’s paintjob actually matters

This is definitely one of the earliest misconceptions encompassing auto insurance. Folks consider that when a vehicle is colored reddish it gets higher prices since it looks competitive and risky. In reality it doesn’t matter what color your auto comes in – it might be only any colour from spectrum or mix of colours. What actually matters is its type, motor quantity, best rate, fix cost, market value, liability harm, larceny charges etc. So if you possess a silver Dodge Viper it’ll nevertheless set you back more to guarantee compared to the most vibrant red Ford Social.

Elderly drivers spend more

A number of individuals suppose that motorists elderly than 55 trigger more accidents due to decreasing health insurance and that is partially right. But most insurance companies supply inducements to mature auto proprietors, notably to people who tackle specific senior driving classes. Such lessons can be found all over the state and offer a fantastic opportunity for relaxing driving skills for elderly drivers. In many cases folks who finish such courses receive premiums which are lower than those offered to younger automobile proprietors. So that it seems sensible to inquire with you insurance company where to register and how to get the discount.

Using the automobile for business is covered

A great deal of self-employed youthful motorists presume that their automobiles are insured by the corporate insurance of the corporation they perform for. For instance, if you’re making independent deliveries utilizing your own personal auto for a full fledged business it’s your own personal insurance plan that’s activated in the event of an accident. Plus it’s quite likely your claim will be declined if the insurer discovers that you’ve been using the car for company purposes. If Your car is used as part of a valid business it ought to be insured underneath the business enterprise fleet coverage to be able to get the claims negotiate consequently.

Military workers pay more

Quite the opposite. Employees of the armed forces no matter the branch are susceptible to large discounts from most insurers. All you need to do is always to provide a file verifying your rank and duration of support. Some automobile insurance companies also provide discounts to former military employees and members of their families in an effort to pay regard to military ex-servicemen. Assess this feature along with your local insurance companies on

Good drivers may end up with higher car insurance quotes

It is common sense for motorists to expect aggressive auto insurance quotes when they have an excellent driving record and when their additional driving-related variables are OK as well. But as it transforms out good sense is not exactly what the larger insurance company are using in regards to calculating their charges. As Per a recent research performed by the Consumer Federation of America – a non-profit organization composed of more than 250 independent customer organizations – the bulk of insurance providers on the market pay a greater deal of attention to factors which are not immediately associated to driving. And this normally comes to the stage in which a good driver may end up with higher vehicle quotes when compared to a terrible one.

The study ran by the Federation was rather uncomplicated however very instructive. They have only quoted with several insurers in 12 different towns throughout the country for 2 theoretical drivers. Both motorists were women of the same age and living in the sam e region. Nonetheless, one of them had only high-school education and below-the-average salary with no kids or partner, yet using a perfect driving record. The other one had the exact same driving document length but with different tickets and one injury listed, while employed as an exec in a big company, wed with kids. One would anticipate the more successful driver to spend more for insurance because of the inferior driving report. But this was infrequently true. Rather, in 66% of all the 60 vehicle insurance quotes examined, the lower income motorist was offered with greater rates. Moreover the big difference in cost was about 25% from that offered to the better-paid motorist in nearly 60% of all cases!

As a judgment, we would like to suggest a straightforward method for those that belong to the average or under-the-average-income category. While buyer groups including Consumer Federation of America are looking to compel local authorities to enforce new rules in the insurance industry that might make the pricing more transparent and satisfactory, it will certainly consider quite a long time before there will be any significant change in the techniques performed by insurance agencies. Instead, all that’s necessary to do is stay to providers that truly place more fat on driving-related variables. It is possible to operate your own experiment when comparing auto insurance quotes from nearby suppliers using by adjusting the data about education, vocation and driving history. This means you will be able to observe who will be charging the good motorist with a much better estimate, and that will spend interest just on revenue.

When asked to comment such interesting effects, many insurance companies and pros claimed that non-driving connected factors like marriage, schooling and job are rather indicative to the danger of getting a state from your driver. They say that it is statistically confirmed that individuals with higher-income, better credit rating and teaching usually have a tendency to document statements less often than individuals with lower than-average earnings. Nevertheless, viewing such a powerful contradiction between driving-connected and low-driving-associated variables is unquestionably a surprise and a rationale to talk about discrimination practiced by some insurance providers.

The research focused mostly on the bigger insurance agencies like Geico, Allstate, Modern, State Farm and Producers because these firms hold about 60% of the car insurance market and the result are somewhat indicative of the whole sector. Furthermore, the larger gamers usually give the cheapest car insurance quotes because they share large number of customers to spread the risks between. It’s fascinating to see that equally Geico and Progressive offered the better paid driver better car insurance estimates in every situation, while Express Farm always provided better quotes to the motorist with clean driving background. All this signals that different businesses possess a different fat in costs in regards to evaluating driving and non-driving-related factors.

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